Monday, December 17, 2007

Day of Judgment

In this point, the writer accuses the Quran in terms of the day of judgment and argues that the judgment is also in this world and waiting for judgment in the end is senseless. The writer wouldn’t have made such useless comments if he had posted all the verses related to this matter. He obviously does not care about the context related issues. Two verses are posted below which will be sufficient to disprove the point of the writer.

[003:145] No soul can die except by Allah’s leave, and at a preordained time. We will bestow (the benefits) here (in this world) upon anyone who wants (the results and) rewards (of his effort) in this world. We will bestow (the benefits and the rewards) there (in the hereafter) upon anyone who desires the reward in the life after death. Soon, We will reward the grateful ones!

[003:185] Every soul shall have to taste death! The day of Resurrection is when you (can and) shall receive your dues to the fullest extent _ (the consequence of your deeds). (That day), whoever is pulled away from hell, and is ushered into the paradise, will really have triumphed. The life of this world is (nothing but) an illusive enjoyment _ a (mere) deception.

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