Sunday, December 16, 2007

Does Allah ride a camel?

The writer has quoted the following verse;

And thy Lord shall come and the angels rank on rank. And hell on that day
shall be brought there." 89: 23, 24.)

After quoting this verse he makes fun of it asking whether God is like a policeman parading His force. This is just a silly statement. This is the way God would do and if he finds it funny, then let him laugh for the time being.

In this same topic, the writer makes fun of the giant she-camel again. He says that if it is the samel of God, then does God ride it? This is a silly question. The camel was from Allah and this is what the verse meant. The people were not to think of it as just one camle but one from God. The writer seems to mock everything about Islam. This extreme hate is a serious problem.

The writer says that since a camel is used in a story, it shows that the story is written by an Arabian. This is his personal view. The story is about an Arab city and anyone narrating it does not become an Arab. The Hindu books have much mention of Arabia, horses and camels, does it mean that they were written by Arabs?

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