Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Q’uran is neither the worked of God nor an intelligent person

The Quran is the work of God and not of any person. It not only contains immense knowledge, it contains unimaginable miracles. It is a university on its own and is the ultimate source of knowledge.

The Quran teaches man the way to God. It not only deals with spiritual aspects but deals with all sorts of issues including social, political, economic, legal, scientific (all forms of science), educational, historical etc. It is not just a religion but a complete way of life.

Many wonderful and unbelievable facts have been discovered by science which were mentioned in the Quran 1,400 years ago.

The Bible, the Quran and Science. Written by Dr Maurice Bucaille. In his work, Dr. Baucille proves that the Quran correctly stated scientific facts unknown at the time of the Prophet - showing its divine origin!

A web site for the number 19 miracle in the Noble Quran.

Evaluating Islam as a Religion based on Divine Revelation.

Quran Prior to Science and Civilization, Astro, Islam, Mlivo.

Black Holes and Piercing Stars in the Noble Quran were confirmed by Science. A great web site by a Muslim sister. Her name is Sundus.

Dr. Yusuf Estes' site. He is an American convert to Islam. This is an awesome web site that has Western scientific information that accurately confirms the Noble Quran's claims about astronomy, biology, geology and other sciences. A great site with excellent articles that are backed quotes and proofs about science in the Noble Quran

It goes way beyond the traditional ways of justice or any man-made way of justice that can ever be imagined! It contains the important message of peace and shows the way to rid the society of oppression and injustice. It teaches conduct in wars which are only to be fought in self-defense and as a last resort and the laws are far superior to any secular or religious law. It is a book of univeral rights, not just of Muslism but of all humanity. To many it may appear to be strict towards the evil people but it is fair. A rapist is punished with death whereas secular laws give a punishment of under seven years. Quran is the most just book on earth.

The most intelligent people are accepting it as a book written by none other than God Almighty:

Although Quran is a book that needs no outside proof but outside proof still exists and supports only Islam. Neutral evidence suggests that Islam is the only true religion:

The writer ends this section with the following statement:

They are requested to correct any mistakes that might have crept into the
book through error of judgment.

This is the reason why this rebuttal has been written. the readers should open their mind and accept the truth and come out of the old fashioned thinking of some ignorant person.

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