Sunday, December 16, 2007

This mode of meting out justice is as bad as doing injustice

In this section, the writer has again showed his mental level! He believes that waking up on the day of judgment is a foolish concept. He asks the questions as to where the soul would be till then and later concludes that this is a punishment to the soul through acts like rotting of the body, smell etc. These are very childish and ignorant arguments. Suppose if a person died and went to hell and another person who came 300 years after him also died and went to hell immediately. If both their deeds were exactly alike, then the one who went to hell before would feel injustice comparatively because heaven and hell are eternal. No matter what happens, the one who died first will always be suffering 300 years more than the other. The Islamic belief is that the dead are sleeping and all will awake on the day of judgment. This is justice to all.

Human body parts will give testimony on the day of Judgment. The writer also makes fun of this belief and calls it an impossible thing. If his god cannot do such a thing, then he should keep his views to himself and not waste the time of the readers who believe in an All Powerful God!

The writer has made the most stupid point here. He makes fun of the scientific fact that all living things are made of water! What can I say about that?
“Obey Allah and obey the Prophet” has been understood to be partnership with God by the writer. This has been explained before that Prophets are messengers of God and to obey God, one has to follow the message God has given which is conveyed to mankind through the Prophets. Belief in the one sent by God is therefore a must.

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