Sunday, December 16, 2007

What a ‘remarkable’ sense of justice!

Can the sun be folded up?
Can the sun be folded up?

This section again is filled with the writer's criticism of miracles. If the writer feels that God cannot do as he pleases, then he should keep his views and his god to himsel and not criticize the ones who believe in an All-Powerful God.

This section sees a much repeated point by the writer of sky having a limit. Again this is a view of the writer and science is silent on this issue. Science has not advanced this far to say anything and so the best thing for an unbaised person is to do is to remain silent on this subject!

The writer has also criticized the position and place of heaven. This criticism is a useless one unless one is completely sure as to where the heaven is. If one hasn't seen it's physical place, then there is no need to comment on it.

The writer then says that the day of judgment would be injustice to the ones in their graves. This is again a silly statement. The writer concludes as if he knows how it feels to be in the grave. A sleeping person has different feelings than a person who is awake and a dead person might have different senses than a sleeping person.

The writer is the kind of person who love people like Hitler not because of anything like ability or talent but for being a ruthless killer!

The writer again asks the question of where God is? His belief is that God is everywhere but the Islamic belief is that God is above the heavens with infinite knowledge.

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