Monday, December 17, 2007

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A word to the seeker of truth.
Intolerance towards non-muslims.
The absurdity of Judgment Day.
Favor and disfavor of Allah.
The arrogance of Allah praising his own book.
Allah’s actions more devilish than godly.
Stones prepared for the unbelievers.
The paradise of Islam is no better than this world.
Deceiving angels to impress upon them his (Allah’s) greatness.
Allah was not omniscient.
Allah not free from prejudice.
If book already given to Moses, the Q'uran is meaningless.
If the dead were raised in the past, why not now?
Was Allah sitting idle before creation?
The Q'uran a mere echo of the Bible.
Allah, jealous and malevolent?
All things which are against the laws of nature are false.
Only Allah has enemies.
If Allah is in every direction why Muslims face only Mecca?
Out of nothing, nothing can come
Were there no places sacred before Kaaba?
Are Muslims, idol-worshippers too?
Slaying non-muslims and innocent animals to be on Allah’s path.
Fasting copied from Hinduism.
Losing political supremacy in their fight for cause for Allah.
Women are pollution?
The author of the Q’uran knew neither Astronomy nor Geography.
Allah is nothing else but a tyrant
Paradise a brothel?
Islam, true religion?
Muslims are embodiments of bigotry and ignorance.
Allah, the great deceiver.
Muhammad and Allah were both pugnacious.
Allah’s omnisciency in doubt, keeps memorandum.
The height of prejudice.
"Birds of a feather flock together."
The Q’uran promotes sinful conduct.
Muhammad an imposter
Allah is also not omnipresent.
Allah should be spoken to aloud or not.
Allah destitute of compassion?
Is Allah all-pervading?
Muhammad holding out baits for the ignorant.
A terrible blot on Godhead?
Allah ignorant of physics?
Allah beguiles people?
Why are there infidels when he sent apostles to all people?
What an injustice of Allah!
There can be no delay in the administration of Justice.
Rebirth of souls constitutes true doctrine.
Believers of the Q’uran must be illiterate.
Did Allah, himself send the devil to incite the innocent?
Can the inanimate adore God?
This mode of meting out justice is as bad as doing injustice.
The Qoran disturbs the peace of the world and fosters discord.
Other books sent down by Allah before the Q’uran.
Does God create by the caprice of His Will?
Is Allah limited by space like man?
A father-in-law lusting after his daughter-in-law.
Is Allah subject to pain?
If the Qoran were the work of God, how could He swear by it?
Drinking of alcohol forbidden on earth, but not in Paradise.
What is not eternal, must perish.
It is unjust to forgive sins.
Is this your almight Allah?
Condemning some women to life of sterility.
He sent Jesus whose teachings oppose the Q’uran.
Is the earth stationary?
Allah a servant of Muhammad?
What a ‘remarkable’ sense of justice!
A day whose length is fifty thousand years?
The sun and moon together?
Sexual intercourse in Paradise?
Can the sun be folded up?
Does Allah ride a camel?
Was the Q’uran revealed in one night?
The Q’uran is neither the worked of God nor an intelligent person.
Is the Muhammad prophesied in the Vedas?

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